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Wherein the more creatively pronounced words of the young master are translated into English!

Tain't Screamy today, its his Daddy! In full SDformity!

Yes, I'm not dead, and neither is the comic! This is a blast from the past - I found the art in an old sketchbook of mine, and after I remembered the point of the comic, added words. Art circa 2003/03, Words circa Today. :)

Tuesday , May 19 , 2009

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This is a work of transformative fiction, also known as fan fiction.

Transformers, standard Seeker design, and all canon Transformer characters Hasbro/Takara. 

Moonscream, Zephyr, Lil Screamy, Typhus, Hurricane, and other non-canon characters Christine Klunder

The Artist may be emailed at zhora@anthroland.com.  Cut and paste the address please, so it doesn't get picked up by 'bots.

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